Back in business!

29 Sep

So it has been a while since I last posted and I don’t even want to read my last blog.  I was in a very negative mental place then, but I feel like I am doing much better now.  Rather than focusing on my own wedding, which could happen next summer or in ten years for all I know at this point, I am putting my energy into other people’s weddings.  And when I’m done helping  out, I’m going to write about it.  I’m also going to fill you in on all the amazing tips and tricks I pick up while working on all these weddings.

I posted an ad on craigslist and have had a few hits, but nothing definite yet.  My main goal at this point is to get some experience with day of coordinating.  As a former stage manager, this is right  up my alley.  Keeping people on schedule, handling snafoos (is that a real word?) and dealing with high emotions?  Done and done.  Anyone who can deal with actors can work with a bride no problem.  (No offense, actors.)

As any girly girl knows, the most important part of building a business is the accessories.  My business card is in the process of being designed (thanks Sam!), I have my pretty pink organizer ready to go and my email inbox is waiting for shout outs.  And the perfect name for this budding business?  All of my favorite things combined: Pink Cupcake Weddings.

Hopefully I will get some real weddings soon.  If you know any brides in need, send them my way, I would be happy to help!  Email me at!


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